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Bunny Received

Okay I ended up keeping "Weetzie" as my bunny's name because I couldn't think of anything different for her.

Go ahead and add me if you'd like :)

My boyfriend's bunny is Qubozik. He said one day he was surfing eBay, and then his rabbit exclaimed "Please don't sell me on eBay!" Did the rabbit pick up on the fact that he was on eBay? If so, that's amazing.

New Bunny!

I finally decided to take the plunge and buy a bunny for myself and my boyfriend. I bought them from the ZStore so it might be a while before I get them since they're coming all the way from France, but I'm very excited and reading up.

I already made an account and everything: if you search for "weetzie" you can find me. Go ahead and add me because I need friends!

I'll update when I finally get her and I'll take lots of pictures.

I gots me a bunny ^_^

Hello. Hope this place isn't dead.

I'm just looking around for peoples who have bunnies like me.

I have been having fun with my little rabbit friend for a few hours now having picked her up earlier in the day.

Here's to a long and happy relationship.

Sleepy bunny

My bunny was being a bit weird yesterday and took about 2 hours to play messages and nothing happened when I pressed the button. And now it's still asleep (it's meant to wake up at 6.45 daily).

Is the service down or is my bunny just being mental?


My name is Kayley and I got my little bunny yesterday. His name is Soubi~ I love him so much!

If anyone wants to be my friend, that would be great. :]
I'm having a set up problem. . the lights are blue, the wireless network recognizes the nabaztag, but won't let me connect. it says I have an unknown error, to try and connect to another wireless network. Im wondering if it's because its saying the bunny is an unsecured network? I'm really frustrated and i had tons of problems in general with my windowns vista trying to get my wireless to connect to my computer. I think windows vista just sucks in general. I'm totally confused as to why it recognizes it on the wireless network but won't connect?
could I at least get a damn phone call and have someone help me out? haha.

Hey, he's learned to say 5!

For some reason, Esquilax couldn't say 5 when I first got him. Twice a day he announced the time as "AM" or "PM" but that's resolved. Cool. I still plan to use the API to write my own time script for him. I want him to say "cuckoo." I also want to get rid of that weird "wind" sound before he announces the weather...

In the news:

Can a bunny energize Wi-Fi at home?

Wi-Fi gets this bunny hopping

Living With a Robotic Rabbit from France - calls the Nabaztag the "perfect non-pooping pet"
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The best thing ever: Nabaztag, the WiFi bunny


toy story

Rabbit run - If you miss the kittens exhorting you to "Hang in there!" consider getting a WiFi-enabled rabbit. Although this may call to mind images of a BlackBerry strapped to a bunny, the Nabaztag ($150, nabaztag.com) is actually a voice-enabled white cartoon rabbit, which will read e-mails and weather forecasts out loud, stream audio from the Internet, alert you to news feeds or stock movements via flashing lights in its belly, and even act as a virtual assistant by making phone calls and offering complaints or witticisms.

graffiti attack!!

Nabaztag in graffiti attack

The first "limited edition communicating graffiti rabbit" has finally been created. No, we haven’t been at the gin again. The latest product to come out of the Nabaztag stable – or should that be rabbit hutch – is a limited edition graffiti-sporting model. It’s been personally tagged by graffiti artist André, who is famous for his “love graffitis” work.

“When Mr A took Nabaztag under his wing, he turned it into the newest creation of a Pop Icon,” Nabaztag’s owners said today.