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So, violet took down the Nabaztag servers and aren't putting them back up. I was pretty pissed about that. Primarily 'cause I used my Nabaztag (named Esquilax) as a visual indicator of whether my internet connection was up. I have a monitor (named Frank) on my laptop but that doesn't tell me why I can't load a page on my iphone or tablet.

As a temporary fix, I connected to the http://www.nabizdead.net/ server.

I downloaded the free Nabaztag server violet released. It's a giant pain, so I'm not sure if I'll pursue it. If I do get it working, it might only be on my wifi network (which would mean it would lose the ability to tell me if my internet connection is down)

I've also been trying to buy a Karotz. Unsurprisingly, I guess, they are out of stock - I imagine there was a run on them after Violet stopped supporting the Nabaztag.

so, what's everyone else doing?



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Sep. 9th, 2011 02:31 pm (UTC)

Where did you downloaded the free Nabaztag server?
Thank you*
Nov. 4th, 2011 12:59 pm (UTC)
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Feb. 2nd, 2012 03:44 am (UTC)
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