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Available applications for Karotz

Today several applications are already available on www.karotz.com:

- @Home: Receive an e-mail with or without photo, when you show a RFID accessory to Karotz.
- Weather: For your town.
- Tai Chi: Karotz plays zen music, blinks and moves its ears.
- Demo: Karotz explains what to do.
- Horoscope: For your sign.
- Divers RSS feeds: Read the news about sports, culture, technologies, people, etc.
- My RSS: You can add the RSS feeds that you are interested in.
- Webradios: Already included radios.
- My webradio: You can add the webradios you like, but they must be in MP3 format and not in Flash!
- Music Player: Plays the MP3 files that are saved in Karotz’ USB tail.
- My podcast: You can add the podcasts you like.
- Moods: The same as for Nabztag.
- Karotz Controller Apple: Control your Karotz from your iPhone / iPod / iPad. Take photos, send text messages, listen to MP3 files in the USB device, change the colour of the LED, or move the rabbit’s ears.

Applications coming in May:

- Twitter: Choose what you want to hear (mentions, private messages, Tweets).
- Facebook: Choose what you want to hear (notifications, private messages, etc.).
- Smartphone to Karotz: Call Karotz from your smartphone, with Wi-Fi connection.
- Eyes@Home: See on your computer what happens at your home.
- Karotz Controller Android

Applications coming in June:

- Family Quizz: Play with your family and answer 2,000 questions.
- Stories and songs: Save stories and songs on your computer for your children.
- Karotz Community: Can be accessed from iPhone / iPod / iPad.

Applications coming later:

- Alarm clock: The development will take some more time, because we would like the alarm clock to work even when Karotz is not connected to the Internet.
- Reminder: We must add some device to store the messages. This is an embedded application that needs an additional development.
- Karotz to Karotz: We are actually working on the sound to make the communication easier.
- Karotz Wedding: We need to define what this application should do. We would like it to do more than just synchronize the ears and the LED. If ever you have any ideas?
- Rabbitcasts: We have to define the options of this application.
- Traffic: We are currently working on the options of this application, because we want it to provide a richer service than just a colour code for the national highways.
- Stock Exchange: We are working on the specification of this application’s options.

Karotz is facing the future with courage, and new applications will come across before summer. And this without counting on the applications created by the developers of the Karotz Lab.

Then after all that comes Nabaztags’ virtualization!!!!


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May. 11th, 2011 08:42 pm (UTC)
this is so exciting!! I feel weird, like I'm being disloyal to my nabaztag, but I'm going to get a Karotz and they will just be friends :)
May. 11th, 2011 09:00 pm (UTC)
Mine are friends :)
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