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So, violet took down the Nabaztag servers and aren't putting them back up. I was pretty pissed about that. Primarily 'cause I used my Nabaztag (named Esquilax) as a visual indicator of whether my internet connection was up. I have a monitor (named Frank) on my laptop but that doesn't tell me why I can't load a page on my iphone or tablet.

As a temporary fix, I connected to the http://www.nabizdead.net/ server.

I downloaded the free Nabaztag server violet released. It's a giant pain, so I'm not sure if I'll pursue it. If I do get it working, it might only be on my wifi network (which would mean it would lose the ability to tell me if my internet connection is down)

I've also been trying to buy a Karotz. Unsurprisingly, I guess, they are out of stock - I imagine there was a run on them after Violet stopped supporting the Nabaztag.

so, what's everyone else doing?


Available applications for Karotz

Today several applications are already available on www.karotz.com:

- @Home: Receive an e-mail with or without photo, when you show a RFID accessory to Karotz.
- Weather: For your town.
- Tai Chi: Karotz plays zen music, blinks and moves its ears.
- Demo: Karotz explains what to do.
- Horoscope: For your sign.
- Divers RSS feeds: Read the news about sports, culture, technologies, people, etc.
- My RSS: You can add the RSS feeds that you are interested in.
- Webradios: Already included radios.
- My webradio: You can add the webradios you like, but they must be in MP3 format and not in Flash!
- Music Player: Plays the MP3 files that are saved in Karotz’ USB tail.
- My podcast: You can add the podcasts you like.
- Moods: The same as for Nabztag.
- Karotz Controller Apple: Control your Karotz from your iPhone / iPod / iPad. Take photos, send text messages, listen to MP3 files in the USB device, change the colour of the LED, or move the rabbit’s ears.

Applications coming in May:

- Twitter: Choose what you want to hear (mentions, private messages, Tweets).
- Facebook: Choose what you want to hear (notifications, private messages, etc.).
- Smartphone to Karotz: Call Karotz from your smartphone, with Wi-Fi connection.
- Eyes@Home: See on your computer what happens at your home.
- Karotz Controller Android

Applications coming in June:

- Family Quizz: Play with your family and answer 2,000 questions.
- Stories and songs: Save stories and songs on your computer for your children.
- Karotz Community: Can be accessed from iPhone / iPod / iPad.

Applications coming later:

- Alarm clock: The development will take some more time, because we would like the alarm clock to work even when Karotz is not connected to the Internet.
- Reminder: We must add some device to store the messages. This is an embedded application that needs an additional development.
- Karotz to Karotz: We are actually working on the sound to make the communication easier.
- Karotz Wedding: We need to define what this application should do. We would like it to do more than just synchronize the ears and the LED. If ever you have any ideas?
- Rabbitcasts: We have to define the options of this application.
- Traffic: We are currently working on the options of this application, because we want it to provide a richer service than just a colour code for the national highways.
- Stock Exchange: We are working on the specification of this application’s options.

Karotz is facing the future with courage, and new applications will come across before summer. And this without counting on the applications created by the developers of the Karotz Lab.

Then after all that comes Nabaztags’ virtualization!!!!

Nabaztag soon to be virtual Karotz

Nabaztag, Nabaztag/Tag and Karotz!

I wonder how many here are buying a Karotz? :)


Please fill in this survey and please share with Nabaztag owners on LJ! Thanks in advance :)

My husband bought me a nabaztag for our anniversary. I figured I'd post here to get him some friends!

His name is "Bifrons" and he is located in Denver, CO USA. Come and say hello. He speaks English, but can someone out there tell me if it handles multiple languages? I would like him to speak French and Spanish (like me!) as well.

May. 10th, 2008

hello there, i just joined this morning and i wanted to start with a rather funny thing i heard from a glitch on my bunnies radio.
in the morning i like to hit the button on top of little martin and say "radio KCPP" so i can listen to NPR in california. they were talking about the housing crisis and what the gov is going to do about it and radio commenter says  "and getting an Email from your sister about how times are tough," (heres where the glitch starts) "thats woody guthrie- thats woody guthrie- thats woody guthrie- thats woody guthrie- (end of glitch) "imagine having to hear that over and over again,..... any they went on talking about the housing crisis as normal. @_@
anyway it made me laugh, i guess you had to have been there.

my bunz name is littlemartin in memory of my real life little bunny that past away this week, add me if you like.

LJ united

Hi everyone. I just wanted to take a minute to encourage you to join a new community called ljunited , a community dedicated to working towards defending and restoring the original promises made to LiveJournal's members, standing up for the free speech of LiveJournal's members, restoring LJ's original strong support for Open Source software, and restoring community participation in the successful operations of LiveJournal.

Although ljunited is a brand new community, it has grown rapidly and is building a strong, inclusive, diverse coalition, united in standing up for us.

LJUnited overwhelmingly endorsed rm recently as their candidate for the upcoming LJ Advisory Board elections. I hope you'll consider supporting her nomination. Thanks!


Facebook has an app you can use to send messages to nabaztags!

You can install the app here - http://apps.facebook.com/messagemyrabbit/

and then anyone can send you a message just by going to your profile, they don't have to install the app themselves. It definitely works and is pretty cool